Ali Ganji

Ali Ganji

Mr. Ali Ganji, born 1970, is currently considered as a major member of Iran's Calligraphists Society as well as The society of Calligraphists at city of Soultanieh, Zanjan providence and also City of Jooibar, Mazandaran Province.
Participation in more than 10 solo exhibitions as well as The First and Second Exhibition of Calligraphy in The Muslim World and various other exhibitions are part of Mr. Ganji’s activities in introducing his artworks to the public. 
He has also been elected as the executive director for such notable events as The Niayesh Calligraphy Festival in 2002, Ghadir Calligraphy Festival in 2003 and also The Great Mazandaran Calligraphy Festival in 2004.
Name of his teachers: Majidi, Homayoun haj Mohammad Hoseini, Ali Shirazi, Mehdi Fallah, Amir Hosein Falsafi, Hosein Gholami, Mohammad Ali Sabze kar.

Being granted the top certificate from Iranian society of Calligraphists in 1990
Being granted teaching certificate from Iranian society of Calligraphists in 2011
The founder of the society of Calligraphists in Zanjan 
The founder of the society of Calligraphists in Mazandaran
The founder of the society of Calligraphists in Tehran 
Executive manager of Calligraphy festival in Mazandaran
Director of Ghadir Festival in Mazandaran in 2003 
Director of Calligraphy Festival in Mazandaran
Attending the First Festival of Calligraphy in Muslim World in 1995
Attending the Second Festival of Calligraphy in the World of Islam in 2000
Winning several awards at national and international festivals 
Training top calligraphers who have succeeded to graduate with top ranks 
Holding various workshops and educational classes in Iran and Russia

Solo Exhibitions:
First solo exhibition in Sari in 1995
Solo exhibition in Zanjan in 1995 and 1996
Solo exhibition in Jouybar, North of Iran in 1998
Solo Exhibition in Arasbaran institute in Tehran in 2000
Solo calligraphy- painting exhibition at Haft Ayeneh gallery in 2010
Solo calligraphy- painting Exhibition at Fallah gallery in 2010
Solo calligraphy- painting Exhibition at Sareban gallery
Solo calligraphy- painting Exhibition in Ufa, Russia in 2011 
Group exhibitions:
Attending the group exhibitions held by the cooperation of Iran Ministry of culture and Calligraphy Association in 1995-1998
Attending Saba group exhibition in Tehran in 2012
Attending Imam Ali exhibition in Iran Museum of Contemporary Art in 1998Attending Ghadir, Niayesh, Mazandaran Red crescent exhibitions 
display of his collection of Quranic calligraphic in an exhibition entitled “A Window to the Sky” at the National Museum of Bashkortostan in Ufa 
Attending group exhibition of traditional artworks of Iran, Turkey








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